Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge – The Results

In November last year Fields in Trust held a national vote to select playing fields for the award of Queen Elizabeth II status. This status will protect Albert Road Recreation Ground by Deed from development in perpetuity and will be given priority when making future funding bids.

AlbertRoad Fields in Trust

FARRG are very pleased to announce that Albert Road Recreation Ground in Haringey received the second highest number of votes in the country.

Whilst there are still some legal steps to take to complete the dedication of each site it is planned plaques will be erected next June as part of the wider celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee.

Peter Droussiotis, Chair of the Friends of Albert Road Recreation Ground (FARRG), said:

“The Friends and the whole of our local community in Haringey are proud of the award of Queen Elizabeth II Status to Albert Road Recreation Ground. The fact that we have secured this important privilege on the 10th anniversary of FARRG’s formation makes this deserved national recognition even timelier. I pay tribute to all of our supporters who made sure that our local park received the second highest vote of the campaign in the whole country.”

FARRG – Promoting the public enjoyment of Albert Road Rec.

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