Ghana Project

John Sukhdeo, coach from the Pavilion volunteered as a Coach/Teacher in a new up and coming School of excellence last Summer in Teshie, Accra, Ghana. The School is inspired by one man’s dream (James Dzanda) who see’s having a good education and the opportunity to excel in your talent the key to escaping poverty. The School of Excellence linked with the United Through Sport organisation in Teshie is a non-profit/non-government project that works as an extra curriculum programme and aims to provide this opportunity to as many children living in poverty in Teshie as possible. Using both sport and education as key tools.e15

The Pavilion Sports and Cafe shares the same philosophy as United Through Sport. We believe that it is important to develop and grow a partnership, for us to support the project for other communities that don’t have the same opportunities as one such as our own.

With the smallest bit of help can make the biggest difference. Our aim is to support and help James as much as possible.


We at the Pavilion have already begun collecting equipment for the project and in the near future we will send out our coaches to support the work there. If you would like to support us please contact John,

For more information on United through Sport see the link below.

United Through Sport Website  duplex_logo