Who We Are

The Friends of Albert Recreation Ground and Children’s Play Area (alias FARRG) is a voluntary not for profit community group made up of local residents working for the whole community.

The Group was founded in 2001 by a number of local volunteers with a keen interest in delivering improvements to our local park and involving the local community in its future.

We have a Constitution to which we adhere, including rules on when to hold our AGM (Annual General Meeting), how and when to elect members and officers of the committee and more.

The Group functions through an elected committee of officers which include the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and ordinary members as well as ad hoc or permanent sub-committees established under the Constitution. The Bowling Green Sub-Committee is currently active.

We meet formally in the Pavilion Cafe’ located in the Albert Rec approximately once every 4-6 weeks throughout the year and are also represented on Haringey Council’s Parks’ Friends’ Forum, which holds monthly meetings. This Forum brings together the various Parks’ Friends’ Groups within the London Borough of Haringey (LBH) and seeks to address issues of common concern and to coordinate liaison with Haringey Council and other partners.

FARRG endeavors to play a significant role in ensuring that local community views and aspirations in relation to the Albert Rec and its facilities are taken into account by the authorities and other relevant agencies and partner organizations. For this reason, we strongly encourage:

  • the active involvement of the local community in the affairs of the park through a range of meetings, feedback activities and events within the Albert Rec
  • local residents and families to support our work by becoming a friend of FARRG
  • two-way communication with the public through subscription to our mailing list and newsletter service.

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