Dan’s Army Tennis Holidays

Dan’s Army Tennis Holidays October 2018 Review 

 We have had the most spectacular trip to @montedosamores once again, a huge thank you once again to our fantastic host @tunjemail and her husband Jan and of course their gorgeous little one Billie!

A shout out to @jbtthechef for his impeccable cooking skills once again, to @willem_cooper for being a fantastic assistant coach and great company. And of course Fran our organiser for organising everything with no hitches and @dpreuss44 our number one coach, who our trips would not be happening without, and of course every single one of our 37 guests these trips would not have been what it was without each and every one of you!

We’re taking bookings for 2019 now, we will be putting the trip on for two times of the year this time, so we have a trip booked for April and also October, if you are interested, please get in contact with Fran or Dan, places are starting to fill up so let us know asap, We did have to turn people away this year and we don’t want to have to do that again this year!

Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! Love You All!

Dan, Fran, James, and Willem!

Robby Sukhdeo Pavilion Manager Review October

2018 Dan’s Army conquers Portugal. 2018. 

 We shall represent our Island, whatever the cost may be; we shall play on the beaches, we shall play on the landing grounds, we shall play in the fields and in the streets, we shall  play in the hills and Lagos tennis courts; we shall have a really good time…

 Dan marched on Portugal, alongside his strategist Fran, ably assisted by James (chef) and Willem (lieutenant). 

The campaign was sectioned into 2 weeks, as Commander in chief of the Pavilion I was honored to be invited along.  


I am not sure if Lagos – Portugal, were prepared for the onslaught. 


The campaign was a two-week affair, with both weeks following a similar pattern. 4 hours of hard-fought tennis battles and strategic tennis coaching at a local club in the morning, swimming in the sea or the pool to cool off in the afternoon. Bliss! The first week also included Jager bombs and big sandwich hugs …. You know who you are. 


Week 1   campaign winners were Chrissie and Peter in a fiercely fought competitive match against Alison and Jo (ably assisted by a hangover) and was able to cheer and support whilst lying on the floor!! 

Evening respite activities included the support and assistance of International quiz masters ‘ Matt & Maria’ providing well-deserved relief and hilarity for all those in the North London know. 


Week 2 followed a similar pattern, with the exception of an attempted Coup by ‘ Jims tours’ !! luckily the rogue general failed by day 2 in his attempt to drive an early advance party. There’s always next year Jim. Early morning Yoga, Tennis, chess and bird watching  preceding Tennis activity. Cathy Mac and Jo managed to go AWOL at the local roundabout, who needs google maps?? 

Campaign winners were James and Dev defeating ( Jim and – who had to call upon Jim after the desertion of ….Amir, due to an early flight. 


A fantastic tour, organisation and food , curtesy of all involved. Watch out for all future tours and get your name down early. 


A fantastic campaign, 

Robby Sukhdeo

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