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pavilion policies & procedures

Safeguarding in tennis

We strive to ensure that all children, young people and adults at risk are safeguarded from abuse and have an enjoyable tennis experience. 

Everyone who is involved in tennis has a shared responsibility to support this by promoting the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk.

Safeguarding strategy

We have a clear vision for safeguarding – by 2020, we want British Tennis to be at the forefront of safeguarding in sport. We will achieve this by using best-in-class procedures, systems and processes to safeguard the well-being of all young people and adults at risk in British Tennis.

The strategy to achieve this is broken down into 4 key areas; Places to play, People, Awareness and Case Management.

Download the Safeguarding strategy to find out more.

Reporting a concern

The LTA would strongly advise organisations to read our safeguarding policy and to contact us should they have any concerns.

If you have concerns, or wish to report anything, you can call or email our Safeguarding Officer Sylvia Gee on: 07539185782, slyviagee@blueyonder.co.uk

If you have concerns, or wish to report anything, you can call the LTA on: 020 8487 7000 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). For further enquiries please email the Safeguarding Team at safeguarding@lta.org.uk.  

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy pdf

Feedback Policy

To help us improve the facility and the activities that run within it, the committee welcome feedback from all our members and users.

Feedback Policy pdf

Accident and Emergency Guidance

This information is being provided as a guide and has been taken from the St Johns Ambulance Approved Code of Practice.

Accident Report Form

Risk Assessment Policy


Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how The Pavilion Sports and Cafe uses and protects any information that you give The Pavilion Sports and Cafe when you use this website.

See the Privacy Policy page

Photography and Filming of Children Policy